Recommends (cont.)

I can’t tell you how many books and online articles I read about humidors before I bought one. The variety and quality runs the gamut from relatively inexpensive ones to extravagant custom hand built cigar cabinet humidors tat cost in the thousands of dollars. Even if you don’t like cigars, there are fascinating magazines and books about the cigar aficionado culture.

Many of my favorite things were introduced to my life through reading. I have definitely become a foodie because of reading. I have tried so many meals because of something that I read. I am always trying something new because one of my friends sends me a recipe. I have actually gone many places that I learned about through reading. I have seen many movies because on interest I obtained while reading a story associated with it. As a matter of fact I am highly likely to try a restaurant if my friends try it and like it then send me some information on it.

The first time that I ever had sushi was due to a story I read about a new restaurant opening up. I am pretty sure the story was in City Life magazine or something like that. It explained some of the different types of sushi they would be serving on their opening night. It was supposed to be a cover charge to get in but once you were in they were going to be serving all sorts of new & interesting things that I took an immediate interest in trying. After that first time, I became hooked. I am by no means a sushi expert but I have begun sampling it from time to time because I ended up liking it.

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