There are too many people who fail to see the big picture. In this day and age a business must consider all of the options before committing to a methodology on sales. Let’s take any small business in the U.S. If there is a brick & mortar location they will have an over head that they need to maintain above and beyond any profit that they hope to make. This is not a bad way to do business. Foot traffic does account for some sales and there are lots of ways to attract customers to a brick and mortar location. The fact is that in today’s world economy and with the Internet being what it is, some say there is not even a necessity for brick and mortar locations anymore.

However, we disagree. There will always be need for real estate experts both here in the US and in the rest of the world. She is such an expert in the real estate market in Australia. When she first started in the industry, the internet was not on the horizon as a tool that would be utilized years later by most real estate agents. Faye made the transition to the web, in the process becoming a leader and even a real estate icon, in helping couples, singles and families find the home or investment property of their dreams. Her company still has a “storefront”, but also has a large presence online.

The store front is safe! You probably do not need to worry about all of the stores in town closing, or all of the places that you shop going under. Not right away at least but one must consider how much larger their business would be if they properly marketed it online. Let’s take a business on the street corner. They have a store with rent & bills. They get customers but the customers can only buy what they have in stock on their shelves. An internet shop does not have many of those bills & when a customer wants something that is not in stock the business can order it & have it shipped to them anyway.

There is of coarse a third option. That would be the brick & mortar location, advertising included, with all of the added benefits of the Internet based business as well. This would maximize the effectiveness as well as the potential new customer acquisition. There are also a million difference variances in between these three as well. It is really up to the people involved as well as the funding possibilities. You should always focus on the are you feel has the most potential first & foremost but you should always be using the other areas to get the best of all worlds.

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