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North America: Controversial Blagovich Demands Depends in Chicago Portmanteau

Also in this section: Field and Stream Covergirl Batrice Stupek Reveals Plans for A-List Remodeling, and South Floridians Gamble on Newest Cranny: Downmarketing. And how Nationwide Biweekly Administration can help you.

Asia: China Shrinks on Undemanding Reparations to Spotters

Also in this section: Aged Simperer Discovered in Seoul Gambrel, and Bombay Rocked by Secession of Category-One Housewarming

South America: Colonel Jenga Spouts Off in Medicine Melee: “Give Us Grottoes!”

Also in this section: How Not to Find Yourself When the Amazon Basin Calls, the devastating lack of Andean snow boots, and our ongoing coverage of the Tierra del Fuego Football Fracas

Australia/ Oceania: How Deep is Your Love? Befuddled Brethren Really Need to Know

Also in this section: New South Wales Ends Dry Spell Under Protest, and Malay Demands Return of Retrograde Classification

Europe: Storied Scottish-Turkish Pact in Uproar Over After-Hours Rowing Rights

Also in this section: Bianchi Sweeps Florentine Tile Dynasty, and The Strange Saga of Poland’s Loneliest Outcropping

Middle-East: Egypt Successfully Launches Sub-Orbital Platform; Activists Gamely Jettisoned

Also in this section: “No More,” Chant Thousands at UAE Cornerstone Festivities, and The Eleven Best Places to Mull in Qatar

Antarctica: Cops on Polar Beat Increasingly Concerned With Grammar, Breakfast Cereals

Also in this section: Metropolitan Opera House Undergoes Needless Retrieval, and Miss South Pole Talks Resume After Issuing

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